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Everything was frosted this morning from the fog that developed last night. Hoar Frost develops on surfaces by direct condensation at below freezing temperatures. The crystals form little needle shaped structures giving trees and shrubs – or anything outside – a feathery and delicate appearance. This pic of my studio is take from the back deck of my home, past the icicles hanging from the roof.

Tonight’s forecast calls for even heavier fog, which should mean another surreal winter landscape tomorrow. I’ll head back to the studio to continue work on several projects including a scarf I’ve been planning for a long time. These silk scarves will picture all 15 of the world’s cranes. The version I’m working on currently shows each crane printed in black and hand colored with thickened dyes. Tomorrow I will steam set what I’ve done so far and then decide what to do on the background. Here are some photos of the process.

blue crane

The Blue Crane was the first species printed on the scarf

15 cranes

A drawing of each crane was placed on the scarf so I could position my silk screens correctly.

15 cranes

Here is a square silk scarf with all 15 species printed

Tomorrow I’ll post the results of the hand colored birds after they’ve been permanently set on the silk.