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I just returned from St. Paul, Minnesota (work related trip) and had a chance to attend the first in what will be a monthly Minnesota Public Radio Program called Real-Phonic Radio Hour. The show took place in an amazing space – the James J. Hill Reference Library in downtown St. Paul. I took lots of photos with my iPod using an app called Photosynth. This is a free panoramic photo stitching app from Microsoft that actually works pretty well!  Click on the images for a larger version.
This view was taken from one end of the room and ends pretty much where it began. In the real world, the columns are parallel to one another and the walls behind the columns are filled with books.
The Real-Phonic Band – Erik Koskinen, Paul Bergen Frankie Lee and JT Bates; Bo Ramsey and Ashleigh Still performed along with a wonderful poet.
A fun result of the way these frames are stitched together is the disappearance of portions of previous images – notice the bass player in the red shirt – or what’s left of him.

The scene after the performance from a perch atop the opposite end of the room – the walls of books were so high that narrow open walkways were constructed for access to the library. I was on a wider balcony which still seemed pretty scary! But this gives a more realistic  view of the room. Keep in mind that each of these images is composed of many frames – probably no fewer than 2 dozen for this one.