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There is dancing…and then there is Zugunruhe!!

All species of cranes dance –  to strengthen pair bonds with their mates, relieve stress – and, just maybe, because it’s fun. But Zugunruhe (German for zug – to move, and unruhe – anxiety) describes the restlessness of migratory species just before they leave on their journey. The Sandhill Cranes that have been feeding in the cornfields of south central Wisconsin these past few weeks are becoming restless. So I will continue to share photos of them while they are here, because all too soon they won’t be…

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zugenruhe_8 zugenruhe_7 zugenruhe_6 zugenruhe_5 zugenruhe_4 zugenruhe_3 zugenruhe_2 zugenruhe_1

Once again – all photos copyright Ted Thousand. All rights reserved.