This weekend marks the Winter Solstice – the shortest period of daylight all year. The surest sign that we are indeed going to enjoy an extended period of cold temperatures and subdued hues, is the arrival of American Bald Eagles in the middle of the Wisconsin River near Sauk-Prairie. There is a smallish island with some very sturdy trees that the eagles use to perch during the times they aren’t fishing, hunting or scavenging. This year, a couple of bold birds have even taken to roosting in the trees on the bank of the river fairly close to the sidewalk used by locals and tourists eager to catch a closer glimpse of the impressive raptors.
Bald_Eagle_treeBoth of these eagles were photograhed north of Baraboo in September, 2012. When winter comes and water freezes, the eagles congregate in the Sauk City-Prairie du Sac area because a hydroelectric dam keeps the river open and the birds can find food. Click on a  photo for a larger image.

Photos by Ted Thousand, all rights reserved.