Dancing Bird Studio







Dancing Bird Studio is located in rural Dane County Wisconsin and nestled in the Wisconsin River Valley near Sauk-Prairie. We are very fortunate to have our home and studio surrounded by a variety of wildlife from which we continually draw inspiration.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. daaaaaaaarrrrrrcyyyyyyy, can you hear me calling you?? i randomly googled you and here you are! if you knew i was reading religiously would you write more often…? you have so many beautiful photos, but you know i like the one of theodore and rudy most of all…

  2. I’ve just returned from New Zealand…I love to watch the Mallard ducks that waddle in the colder waters in various countries. What a coincidence to see that on your page as I googled you to nominate you for an award.! Check my page and read the post to find out more

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